A coffee with Massimo Moretti (part 1): his journey and his vision of entrepreneurship!

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May 18, 2022
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Baudouin Lamarca
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Successful serial entrepreneur, Massimo Moretti is an inspirational figure for any newcomer to the world of cryptocurrencies & Blockchain. Currently dedicated to his company, Signvm, the French-Italian entrepreneur is constantly helping projects to develop in the Web3 ecosystem. For Cointribune, I had the opportunity to talk to him about these subjects. Grab something to drink and sit down with us. In this first part, I take you to discover Massimo's journey and his vision of entrepreneurship.

Clément Cauffet (C.C): “Hello Massimo and thank you for your time. Before presenting in more detail the work you do with your company, could you explain to me how you found yourself in the blockchain ecosystem?

Massimo Moretti (M.M): “Hello Clément and thank you for having me! The blockchain, I came across it a little by chance 7 years ago. I started buying Bitcoin and Ethereum and quickly sought to understand the technology behind it all. By digging around a bit, I realized that it was not easy to document myself and that there was surely something to be done to facilitate this.

Coming from the world of luxury and new technologies, I have always searched to innovate. With a partner, we set up one of the first creative technology studios, based on immersive experiences in virtual reality. After that, I did consulting in strategy, brand image, marketing and innovation for large luxury groups mainly. It was during this experience that I was confronted with the world of blockchain in my professional environment. Indeed, one of our clients at the time, Lunu, had developed a cryptocurrency payment solution and I was seduced by this technology.

First step in Blockchain

M.M: “After working with them for a while, they hired me as Global Head of Partnership. By working at Lunu, I was able to meet all the personalities in the crypto landscape and create a network, which helped me a lot afterward. The Lunu adventure following its course, I subsequently accepted an offer from Huobi who wanted to develop in France. With my experience in the field, I worked with the platform as Managing Director in France and it reinforced to me the fabulous potential of the blockchain.

C.C: “Indeed, nice CV! So you have been working full-time in blockchain for 4 years after becoming interested in it on a personal basis 7 years ago?

MM: “Yes, absolutely! It is also thanks to these 4 years that I was able to realize to what extent the ecosystem showed deep gaps. Whether on the strategic plan, long-term vision, marketing or any other aspect of the development of a company. After all these considerations, I had to do something: Signvm was born.

Signvm, 100% implemented in the Web3 universe

C.C: “Great transition! Can you tell me about the mission of Signvm (pronounced “sinioume”, from the Latin “statue”, to represent as Signvm represents its customers) and the support offered to the different projects?

M.M: “With Signvm, we created the First cutting-edge Powerhouse, Accelerator and Venture Studio. Our mission is above all to help projects to structure and develop in the Web3 ecosystem. With this in mind, we have chosen to articulate Signvm around three pillars: Powerhouse, Accelerator and Venture Studio.

The Powerhouse section includes all the advice given to the company to ensure its proper development. We intervene at different levels, whether to prepare an ICO, think about their strategy in Web3 or initiate the Go To Market of a startup. As for the Business Accelerator, we focus more on creating links with large exchanges, listing on different platforms and the dynamism of the token. The third pillar, Venture Studio, is somewhat decorrelated to the two previous ones. We are in the process of setting up a fund to invest in young projects and allow them to have the resources to develop. In the meantime, we give the opportunity to our clients to access our pool of qualified Web3 investors.

We go the extra mile

C.C: “How does the support for project work within Signvm?

M.M: “We make it a point of honor to deliver a tailor-made service to our customers. We study their needs and adjust our efforts to give the maximum. We have a credo: We go the extra mile! The idea is to best satisfy the different projects that we support by providing a unique service. 

C.C: “Could you tell me about the projects you support? What aspect of Web3 are they focused on?

M.M: “So far we have worked with just over a dozen companies. As we are 100% devoted to Web3 technologies, we have the chance to collaborate with all kinds of projects. For example, we are working with a company that wants to replace wallet addresses with tags, always with the aim of democratizing the blockchain. We are also focused on the metaverse, which we believe will be the next revolution in many sectors.

Entrepreneurship, an opportunity to seize

C.C: “We talked a lot about project support and the development of start-ups. You have been there and know the ins and outs of it, what advice would you give to a young entrepreneur who would like to start?

MM: “Go ahead! I will detail my answer but the most important thing is to get started. From my point of view, there is nothing more beautiful than launching your own project. I find that today there is a real search for meaning in people's lives. Setting up a project remains the best solution to get closer to your passions and fight for something that makes sense. So yes, almost all projects will not be unicorns... and so much the better! The French business landscape is portrayed overwhelmingly by small businesses. And even if you fail, you will evolve in many aspects of your personality, which can only be beneficial for your next projects.

C.C: “How do you manage to deal with the desire to set up a project and the need to have enough to live on a daily basis?

M.M: “That’s an interesting question! We often see people explaining to you that they left their job to devote themselves solely to their project. From my point of view, this is only a good solution if you have the financial comfort to afford it. In the 21st century, nothing prevents you from setting up a project alongside your job. Many platforms allow you to host a website for a hundred euros. Starting from this premise, I sincerely believe that you have to start without thinking about the consequences.

As Leonardo DiCaprio explained, it takes 3 things for a project to succeed: a lot of work, talent and a little luck! So certainly it is not easy to set up the first box, but with determination we can get there.

France and Innovation

C.C: “You have supported and worked for several international companies. Would you say that France is a country that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation?

M.M: “There are several things in place in France to help young people set up projects. I am thinking, for example, of the Public Investment Bank, which finances many projects each year. In addition, the student entrepreneur status has allowed many young people to get started. The problem is that it's not fast enough. The French administrative system is extremely cumbersome and procedural, which discourages many people.

Indeed, in the age of Web3, we talk about the decentralized economy, DAO; concepts that are not understood by the French state. Society is changing and the state must modernize its approaches to be in line with the new generations. When you look at the unemployment rate among young people, it's absurd... It takes a real desire to transform these institutions. Politicians are listening but not meeting on these issues. We have to speed up!” 

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Interview in Cointribune by Clément Cauffet

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