The Best Social Media Platforms For Web3 Communities - 4 Social Media To Launch Your Community

Published on
August 5, 2022
Written by
Michael Ebiekutan
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The character of web3 communities is changing daily as web3 is yet to find its solid ground - ideas are being refined, market is highly volatile, regulations are changing, etc.

With these accelerated changes, you must anticipate new behaviours in your community and tailor your strategy to match them. And one of the ways this reflects in web3 is the evolution of social media platforms for managing communities.

In the early days of web3, founders managed communities in forums such as the Bitcoin-talk forum and the likes. However, as new entrants started streaming into the industry, community demands started changing and successful founders knew they had to move along with the trend or risk losing their community.

And as you should already know; a web3 project without a community is = web2.5 product.

In this piece, we'll explore some of the popular social media platforms founders are now using for managing their online communities.

Top Social Media Platforms For Web3 Communities

While web3 is all about decentralization and collective ownership, most projects in the space build their communities on centralized platforms. This is because there are only a limited number of decentralised social media platforms with good utility and they don't even match the utilities of centralised social media.

To put in context, you don't want to offset potential community members with the technicalities and poor user experience of current decentralized social media.

In the future, web3 communities may live on blockchains, but currently, centralized platforms come with the structures that make communities more interactive and harmonious. Hence, making community building less difficult.

In no particular order, you'll find below the top four social channels for web3 community building:

  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Reddit


Discord is gradually becoming the top community infrastructure for most crypto projects due to the integrated moderation structures that comes with it. When Discord launched in 2015, its focus was to be a social platform where gaming communities could interact.

However, with features such as unlimited file storage, verification, bot moderation, and sub-channels, it has captured the attention of millions from the crypto industry. Even popular influencer, Gary Vee, thinks it will be the prime social media platform for building crypto communities.

For example, on Discord, web3 projects can create token gated channels that allows access to only those with the projects' tokens. They can also easily conduct community activities like giveaways, contests, etc.

Most DAOs, although run their protocols on blockchains, do everything else on Discord servers. For example in the FWB DAO, members have different channels to discuss their interests - parenting, music, crypto market - online. They also have channels dedicated to discussions about governance, missions, etc.

One of the most important features of Discord is its insights tab which exposes you to helpful information about the performance and engagement of users on servers.


If you use Twitter, then you'll agree that one of the primary reasons you go on the platform daily is because you want to keep up with a simple and summarised decentralized view of what's going on all around the globe.

Twitter also currently serves as the global discussion hub for crypto folks; hence the name Crypto Twitter.

Building a community on it enables your project to go viral and helps expand your reach to more experienced folks in the crypto space. Features like hashtags, quote tweet, pinned tweet, threads, spaces, etc. can serve as an effective community marketing tool for your project.

Moreover, Twitter enables you to gain insights on the performance and growth of your community easily by analysing the number of retweets, space attendees, likes and replies. Crypto projects like Shiba Inu and Terra became successful majorly because of their significant efforts towards their community activities on Twitter.


Telegram is widely popular for its unlimited cloud storage and advanced moderation tools for improving community management. Unlike WhatsApp that's quite limited in managing large communities, a Telegram group can host over 100,000 members while allowing them access to previous community discussions and important files.

The moderation tools on Telegram ensures the community stays more streamlined to purpose as moderators can place partial/total bans or time-limit bans on defaulters like spammers and shillers. And all this is fairly easy as Telegram allows the use of bots to manage communities.

Additionally, the synchronization of Telegram groups and channels gives you the ability to onboard more community members from different regions easily by segmenting them into different groups all linked to your projects' main channel.

Generally, web3 communities on Telegram are targeted more at obtaining feedback and providing 24/7 support by responding to enquiries from the community. It's also a nice platform to discuss a project's whitepaper and roadmaps with the community.

Furthermore, most crypto projects have employed Telegram to conduct airdrops in the past as it helps ensure community members complete certain tasks - however, it's less attractive these days as it has become a popular method for scammers to conduct fake airdrops.

In summary, Telegram is a nice platform to have more organized and close discussion with your crypto community.


Reddit is one of the social media platforms majorly used by Gen Zers, thanks to its subreddit feature.

On Reddit, contents appear in a somewhat bulletin format where users can upvote and downvote on them. This helps you structure discussions that will attract potential community members.

It also enables you to understand what types of content sits well with your community. In addition, your project can easily gain wide exposure if your contents get lots of upvotes.

Memes are also known to thrive well on Reddit, meaning you can easily integrate them to boost engagement in your community. Reddit also allows you to host AMAs about your project and its utilities. This gives you credibility and fuel more discussions about your project.

Furthermore, answering questions in specific subreddits that are relevant to your project can also enable you to easily garner traffic to your community in less time than it will take in most other social media platforms.

With these social media platforms, you can take your community building efforts to a whole new level. Not all will fit the community you have in mind. Choose at least two or three that aligns with your values and the needs of your project.

If you want to get started on any of these platforms, you can reach out to our team at SIGNVM to guide you in building that active community your project has been longing for.

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